Liquid Chalk Marker Creative Inspiration

We love to see and share cool ideas and projects that our customers create with our Liquid Chalk Markers.

From school art projects to fun party decorations, we’re always amazed at what you can do with BandleB Liquid Chalk Markers.


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  • Prime your Chalkboard! Priming your chalkboard is essential before using any liquid chalk markers as it helps prevent “ghosting” or permanent staining on the board.

    To prime your chalkboard, follow these four easy steps:
    1. White chalk only. No liquid or colored chalk for priming.
    2. Swipe the chalk on its side, totally covering the surface of the chalkboard.
    3. Work the chalk dust into the surface evenly. Dry wipe only.
    4. All set! (When using a wet wipe on the surface, some of that dust can be removed from the pores. Best practice is to reprime your board occasionally, but it’s circumstantial with how you clean and use your chalkboard.)
  • Problem with drying out?  Sometimes the inside is not dried out, it’s just a clogged tip.  Remove the tip and utilize a very wet paper towel to clean it out…don’t over wet the tip, but it’s a lot like cleaning an artist’s paintbrush. It should get the ink moving again.  (If there is no movement of the “ballbearing” inside when you shake it, try tapping the non-tip end to break up the powder inside).  Remember to put the caps on tight and store them in an airtight container if you can.
  • Ghosting?  Did you prime your chalkboard?  If you go to Youtube there are many videos on how to prime your chalkboard and it is VERY necessary.  Use a wet rag to wash your board when you use a chalkboard, not a dry one.  Also, remember,  don’t use these on chalkboard paint or any other surface that will absorb the ink. (porous surface)
  • Want your writing to be semi-permanent on your chalkboard (for an all-day event, etc…);  spray a VERY light layer of water-soluble aerosol hairspray on it, to set it.  Remember to reprime your board after you wash it thoroughly with water.